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Mud Buddy Northwest is an authorized Mud Buddy dealer serving Washington, North Idaho, and Western Montana. We can help you decide on the best mud motor, boat and blind combination for your waterfowl hunting. We offer personalized service to the waterfowler who is searching for their ultimate boat package.



We also announce that we have been selected to represent the awesome Excel boats. All welded aluminum, these boats are built for the Pacific Northwest waters.  They feature a flat, smooth bottom thatís ideal for waterfowl hunting, high sides, a pointed bow, and awesome fit and finish.

Excel Boats


We are also an authorized dealer for  Gator Trax boats, serving the entire North West. This boat is the toughest waterfowl hunting boat available, and can also be customized to meet your personal needs.

GatorTrax Boats


Let us help you put together a package that will get you where you've always wanted to be -

where the ducks are, and the other hunters aren't !

- Hyper Drive Demos -


We love giving demo rides in the Excel 1854 with a 35 HP Hyper Sport! 

     Give us a call and we'll put you on the water for some serious fun!


e-mail or call for an appointment.


Bill - 208.699.3649




Hereís a sample of what you can do when you run with a MudBuddy motor.

This body of water in N. Idaho isnít normally accessible during the waterfowl season, but this hunter had the whole area to himself, and had a fine time bringing home a bunch of birds!


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